Smoked Meat Compared

Smoked ribs are among the favorite foods of American traditions. It is a recipe that has stood against time. Smoked ribs are the favorite food for a large number of people in the United States. But many people now a days do not know how to cook smoked ribs. So, they go to a restaurant or hotel to enjoy smoked ribs. The truth is that smoked ribs are fairly easy to make and you can have the same taste at your home itself. Smoked ribs are a very simple recipe requiring beef or pork that is smoke barbecued on a good oven or a griller with some nice marinade applied over it. The marinade can depend on your preference or your desired flavor. The marinade can be sweet or spicy according to your preference. The secret in making nice smoked ribs is in the method used. The foremost thing is to use high quality woods to for smoking the ribs.

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The woods mustn’t be processed and they must be free of any sort of chemicals. Then the smoker is very important. Because it’s in the smoker where all the cooking is done. In the smoker, charcoal can be used in order to start the fire instead of woods in the smoking section. As soon as the fire is ready, it is time to put the ribs on the meat compartment. But we have to make sure that it’s kept far from the heating source in order to ignore burning of meat. In case the smoker doesn’t come with a divider for separating the ribs from the heat source we can use big stones or bricks. This will allow the smoke to get into the ribs without directly exposing it to heat.

Closing the air valves will restrict the air flow outside of the ribs. The ribs must be cooked in low fire this will enable the carbon di oxide to escape into the air. The ribs must be frequently turned side to side to achieve even cooking. If the fire is getting low, then add more woods or charcoal to keep the smoke constant and even throughout the smoking process. The total cooking time of the recipe is about 3 to 4 hours based on the quality of the meat. After the cooking has finished the ribs must be left to cool off. Then, again the ribs must be heated before serving.